White Carrera miniture statuette before repairs.
The "Covered Scholars" made of terracotta.
This 18th century horse drawn chariot is made to stand at the center of a reflecting pond.
This bust of Caesar was in need of repair. Now it stands proudly as a lone garden ornament in this large outdoor space.
An 18th century solid stone garden bench. It stands 3.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide. Notice the reproduction 18th centry stone vase standing in the background.
This is a stone corner capitol from a recently demolished Chicago high rise building. It is now a garden ornament on display at the Peju Winery in the beautiful Napa Valley.
These columns are 19th century carved stone with concrete base. The base is to be overlayed with sandstone for a throne-like atmosphere.
=left> These columns are made of Mexican Yellow stone. They are hand carved in a Southwestern style.