Reproduction of 19th century style bedroom fireplace with limestone inlaid facing with natural Chinon raised hearth, antiqued to match.
French provential fireplace 19th century
Rare massive Italian renaissance Istrian stone fireplace, with bold, finely carved mantel and unfinished top, molded lip with bead and reel detail. It is supported by deeply carved dentil work above a broad convex frieze of acanthus leaf plumes highlighted by a delicately carved cartouche. Raised on majestic caryatids with serene faces, crowned with Doric scrolls and wearing pendant necklaces, draped fabric bodices transition into tapering columns with strung coin detail, raised on stepped, block feet.
18th century small sandstone fireplace, with single legs. Single header. 5 piece mantel.
18th century Breccia Novelle fireplace with French 1 inch fire brick fire box in herring bone pattern.
Beautiful 18th century Breccia Delep bedroom fireplace with Breccia Delep trimmed Rosa Verona hearch and return pieces. Very rare marble. One inche French fire brick in herring bone pattern.
Simple 3 piece facing with Bottocino facing and flush mounted hearth and small shelf.
Uba Tuba green granite with ogee top and bottom. Double brass inlay hearth with 12 inch riser facings. 2 inch mantel granite shelf. Ogee edge design. Beautifully accented by hand painted wood surround. Note return pieces still under construction in this photo.
Temporary setup in show room of 18th century multi-piece French style sandstone fireplace with trumeau. Note beautiful dental work at header and top cap of fireplace.
Five piece Italian fireplace dated early 1800's.
15th century Federal style fireplace. Three piece. Extremely rare piece.
18th century multi-piece fireplace with beautiful depth. Hand carved sandstone.
St Verans Limestone fireplace mitred to create compound block style thickness. Note how riser matches hearth to create illusion of solid block.