Red granite 16 inch by 16 inch tile floor.
Red granite floor, diamond pattern with black accent pieces. With brass banding. 3/4" slab exterior contouring piece.
Juperana Classico granite 12x12 tile floor with 3x6 riser. Absolute Black granite floor of 1 1/2 inch slab. The edge detail is full bullnose. Notice the inlaid hand carved cabinet in the background.
Brazilian Blue granite slab bath, accented with 1 1/2 inch laminated shelf. A very rare and beautiful stone.
This replica elevator door is made to look like the historic Chicago Trade Center building, with intricately laid burle wood and brass. The door surrounds are created from Uba Tuba green granite with Chinese red granite base. The floor is 16x16 Uba Tuba granite tiles.